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Mentatim reviews Shadowrun Returns (PC)

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Mentatim said...

The number of people who enjoy Shadowrun is small. Shadowrun is not only cyberpunk, but its cyberpunk mashed up with fantasy concepts. I happen to enjoy Shadowrun. Further, this independent game reminds me of how much I enjoyed games like Baldur's Gate or Planescape:Torment. The engine is very similar, with updated Shadowrun art. Further, the game editor is included with the purchase of the game, allowing fans to generate their own Shadowruns. There isn't a definitive user-generated-content pack yet, but the early results are promising. The editor is fairly easy to use, and fairly powerful. Many thanks to the developers at Hare-Brained Schemes.

Game Traits applied to Shadowrun Returns (PC) by Mentatim

  • The Setting:
    Dystopian future
  • Playing As:
    Elf Physical Adept
  • Playing Against:
    AI Enemies
  • How it's Played:
    Turn-based RPG, user generated content
  • General Tone:
    unique concept
Shadowrun Returns

Shadowrun Returns (PC)

Genre/Style: Strategy/Strategy RPG
Release Date: 25/JUL/13
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